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Throwing batteries in the bin to end up in landfill is harmful to the environment as well as a waste of a resource. Many batteries are hazardous. The battery regulations came into force to encourage the recycling of all types of batteries. Britain has to increase battery recycling to 45% by 2016. To achieve this we all need to work together. To help, BatteryBack are providing easily accessible collection points throughout the country.

BatteryBack is committed to provide over 80,000 FREE collection points over the next 2 years. Many of these points will be in schools, colleges, libraries and other public buildings as well as approved supermarkets and retailers. Until the law takes effect, BatteryBack is financing the cost of treatment and recovery. We already have over 1000 FREE collection points in the UK, to find the nearest to you please click here.

We are also able to provide a collection service for all types of electrical and electronic equipment, including mobile phones, computers and domestic goods.