Where do they go?

Recycling process of Alkaline and Zinc-Carbon Batteries

Where do battery collections go?

After the customer deposits the batteries into one of our BatteryCans we send them to one of two sites in Belgium where the company REVATECH S.A. recycles them. Revatech as a company recovers and disposes of some 155,000 tonnes of dangerous and non-dangerous industrial waste annually, by mechanical, biological and physico-chemical processes.

The recycling process

REVABATĀ® is a wet recycling process for alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries. This process, developed by REVATECH, is used to recycle the magnetic (steel) and non-magnetic (zinc and brass) metal fractions, recycle the different components of the "black mass" (zinc, carbon and manganese), and reprocess the plastics. The overall recycling rate is at least 55% of the gross weight of the batteries treated, and is well within the norms contemplated by the European Commission.